HbbTV is a platform-independent industry standard that provides an open and business neutral technology platform. Additional information carried in the broadcasting signal enables the TV to load a broadcaster-provided app that can retrieve related content over the internet, and display such content. With the HbbTV® standard, broadcasters are able to provide interactive service and content to the viewers on the TV screen to improve the video and additional user experience services. At present, more than 90% of all producers of TV sets have adopted the HbbTV standard (source: GfK).

HbbTV enables implementing one single application to reach all well-known TV vendors. There is no gatekeeper like a manufacturer or supplier lock-down. HbbTV can be used for content distribution and content management from all:

  • Production houses and content owners
  • TV broadcasters
  • Network operators
  • PaidTV operators

There are no boundaries for services (except geo-blocking used), same content can be viewed in ALL HbbTV devices. The end user must not install an app from an “App store” which makes the user experience more entertaining and easy. It is not only logical to combine linear TV with online content but the HbbTV provides benefits for the entire Ecosystem.



What is Hybrida?

A fully deployed HbbTV ecosystem called HYBRIDA allows you to:

  • Develop your customized HbbTV portal
  • Provide your own applications
  • Select and provide available third parties content
  • Manage content through our CMS
  • Create interactive services for customers to involve them as Rating/Voting and Push services
  • Generate online data to target and manage content
  • Generate additional revenue
  • Gain more subscribers

Why Hybrida?


Fully managed and developed system with interactive applications to create new high class TV experience for the viewer.

  • No extra devices needed - all the services can be reached and navigated under same User Interface and one remote controller, RED BUTTON on the remote control to launch HbbTV services
  • Access to the App Store, smart statistics and application management
  • Unlimited possibilities for provision, monetization and usage of television
  • Unique services – Push content, interactivity during shows, commercials and additional content provision
  • Experienced and dedicated team


Intelligent Connectivity

The easy installation of HYBRIDA and the cloud system allow rapid identification and good information flow between separate components and devices. Real-time reports on consumer activities.

Device independent – all Smart TVs with enabled HbbTV service have access.

Easy Management

CMS – content management tools
HYBRIDA STORE has an easy user menu for personalized content management - selection, activation and application management in each selected network.

Data and Statistics

Quick identification and information flow allowing different data provisioning.
Usage in real time - data monitoring and statistics for application usage and number of users in real-time.

Maintenance and Support

We know how important it is for everything to run smoothly and to always have someone competent to help you. We make regular improvements and we provide support to all of our customers.

  • 24/7 maintenance and support
  • Personalized approach for all of our customers’ needs
Benefits: You are in control!

The HYBRIDA applications and extensions are solutions based on components managed by a unified User Interface which provides more options for:

  • Interaction with the viewer
  • Engagement with the content
  • The opportunity to create brand-new habits when it comes to watching TV which would enhance the entertainment experience and turn the consumer into a paying customer