Hybrida Store

Hybrida Store

Hybrida Cloud Store offers the following:

Hybrida Platform

One platform - many opportunities! Access to the App Store, access to statistics and application management.

Hybrida App Store

Interactive applications to a whole new TV experience for the viewer. Interaction during shows and commercials and provision of additional content!

  • The service providers can choose which applications could be accessible to their users.
  • The TV broadcasters can choose which applications are accessible to their users.
  • The developers of HbbTV applications can create HYBRIDA applications for the app store.
HYBRIDA App Store gives the opportunity to combine the best of HbbTV:

  • Interactivity
  • Customisation
  • Statistical data

All this, along with the range of TV distribution, is a simple to use User Interface.

HYBRIDA is a solution based on the cloud technology which can be compatible with every SMART TV and set-top boxes that support HbbTV. We have developed a progressive and easy to integrate system.

HYBRIDA App Builder:

  • Cloud store where companies or freelanced developers can create and upload own third-party applications in accordance with the market needs
  • Implementation of payment methods
  • Notifications
  • Receiving and management of statistical data
  • Interaction in real time
  • Social media integration
  • And many others

Hybrida Applications

  • Internet TV & Radio - Live streaming of Radio and Video channels that are extra content channels for your customers
  • VoD - Video on demand with free and paid content
  • Print media - All content in one place, different Internet print media can be included
  • Games - Interactive games played with a standard remote control
  • Interactive EPG - A new, easy and interactive way to show program information
  • Catch-up services - Customized selections or EPG browsing
  • Time-shift - Don't let your viewers miss a thing
  • Push services - News, important events, advertisements, shopping, VoD, etc.
  • Interactive Voting and Rating - Viewers use the remote control to interact with reality shows, television talk shows, etc.