What is HYBRIDA?


Applications and components library

Applications and components for creating programs and commercials interactivity can be selected from the detailed library. Each application can be customized.

Easy Management

HYBRIDA STORE has an easy to control menu and an even easier system for running the applications in the selected network.

third-party applications

HYBRIDA’s team has developed and continues to develop interesting and modern applications for the market needs. But in order to create a fast growing system, third-party applications could also be created and used in the STORE in accordance with the market demands.

Hybrida  Applications

  • Internet TV & Radio - Live streaming of Radio and Video channels that are extra content channels for your customers

  • VoD - Video on demand with free and paid content

  • Print media - All content in one place, different Internet print media can be included

  • Games - Interactive games played with a standard remote control

  • Interactive EPG - A new, easy and interactive way to show program information

  • Catch-up services - Customized selections or EPG browsing

  • Time-shift - Don't let your viewers miss a thing

  • Push services - News, important events, advertisements, shopping, VoD, etc.

  • Interactive Voting and Rating - Viewers use the remote control to interact with reality shows, television talk shows, etc.